We incorporate herbal teas and herbal supplements for the mind and pair them with crystals to offer a unique, calming blend of wellness and a metaphysical vibe. Our harmonious pairing promotes mental well-being and supports cognitive functions in a holistic and aesthetically pleasing manner. Each crystal is carefully chosen from a metaphysics store with care guided by love, intuition and thoughtful consideration.

However, our overarching mission is to gather each unique crystal from shores, creating a collection infused with a connections to nature and a commitment to offering meaningful, ethically sourced gemstones/crystals.

Our Signature Herbs

  1. Lions Mane Mushroom

  2. Mint (Spearmint and Peppermint)

  3. Rosemary

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Signature Products

  1. Herbal Teas
  2. Herbal Supplements
Product Goal

Crystals and Stones

We pair crystals with our herbs to give you the perfect synergy. Learn more.

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