Collection: Signature Herbs

Others focus on the belly.  We focus on the brain. Poor eating habits affect the gut, the gut sends signals to the brain.  Have you ever wondered why stress, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high?  The truth is most people will never stop consuming degenerative food.  However, you must find balance in your daily life. We're creating the balance you need.

Lions Mane: Our dehydrated Lions Mane mushrooms are meticulously handpicked by a trusted local farmer.  After careful selection, we maintain their quality, ensuring only the best mushrooms are chosen for our products.  Mushrooms are beneficial for the body and brain in various ways. Lions Mane mushroom supports brain health by promoting nerve growth potentially aiding cognitive function.   Mushrooms contain essential nutrients like vitamins D and B, selenium, and antioxidants.  Mushrooms are an electric (alkaline) food source.  





Mint:  We grow our mint (Spearmint and Peppermint) selecting the finest leaves for optimal flavor.  To preserve their freshness and intensity we employ a careful air-drying process. This ensures that every sprig maintains its aromatic richness, resulting in a truly delightful experience.  Mint is an excellent source of vitamin A.  Minit helps to improve focus and mental clarity. 

Rosemary: Our rosemary is picked with you in mind.  Just the aroma alone is known to work like magic. Rosemary is a neurotransmitter booster. It helps to keep your memory in check.